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How Long Weed Stays In Your System

Weed is a street name for Cannabis sativa. Of course there are many other names that have been used to describe the herb over time. Accroding to research, weed has a lot of medicinal value and we definitely need it. It is a herb that can be disastrous to people and society in general if abused. Weed unfortunately has fallen prey to people who have abused it along the way. Even with this being the case, weed has actually been very helpful to many people in the world because if its many benefits. It has been found that weed can stay in your system after use and even more so for frequent users. Some tests can actually easily verify if you are a weed user or not and if so, the period you have used it can also be easily determined.

Because the drug tests determine how long weed stays in your system, consider the different kinds of tests done for weed. The drug test that you should look out for is urine test because it is what is commonly used. This is what you should expect in case you are getting a test done at work. This urine drug test is the cheapest of all the drug test making it a favorite of many. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver because it actually does a pretty good job. With the best kit available in the market, you will get accuracy and be able to determine the history of weed use. The probability of the weed being found in your urine increases with your frequency of use.

Another test that can be used is the hair test. With the hair drug test, the weed has to find its way up to your hair follicles. The hair closest to your scalp is what is used for the test.

It is important to understand that when in need to know how much time weed has taken in your system there are a few factors to be considered. There are processes, procedures and tests involved when determining how long cannabis sativa has stayed or stays in your system. There is the test of blood which is done effectively and can be detected easily. It only takes forty eight hours to detect weed for an individual who is not a heavy consumer.

It takes around seven days for weed to
be detected in the system of heavy consumers. The other method of measuring the time weed has stayed in one’s system is through a saliva test. Saliva test is more of time taken.

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