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Different Styles Of Spa

It is a misconception that spa is all about massage and that it is only associated with the wealthy and well-known people In today’s scenario there are a lot of treatments that the spa recent times there is a variety of treatment that spa offers. Spa can also be projected to a particular type of therapy. These are the different kinds of medications associated with the spa.

The day spa. In any hair salon, health center or the health clinic that provides hydrotherapy treatment falls under this kind of spa. The duration that is involved in conducting this kind of spa ranges from half an hour to a full day. Hair treatment, body wraps hand and feet treatment are some of the activities that are associated with this kind of spa The day spa is essential when you want to get rejuvenation after a busy week.

The portable spa let’s consider the mobile spa, This kind of services is conducted at homes of the clients, the therapist we are required to carry along with his or her equipment to the clients home. The the rapid demand of this kind of spa is because the treatment involved is carried out at home. Birthdays, bridal parties and baby showers are some of the events that are highly associated with this kind of spa.

Destination spa. The primary objective of this kind of spa is to improve the individual’s lifestyle. It is associated with natural beauty and submarine weather such as the mountains and the islands. The spa is aimed to make sure that the client has a healthy diet , obtains body fitness and recovery. Depending on the kind of activity being involved there will be a variation in rate and personality. The duration that the spa takes is from 2-3 days. Body wrap, meditation and body wraps are some of the events associated with this kind of spa.

The eco spa. The treatment involved in this type of spa includes natural elements. Some of the activities that are involved in this type of spa include mountain climbing, trekking horse riding, and natural trails.

Mineral health spa Minerals are used for treatment in this spa. The Bath That is used in this spa helps patient to speed up healing process enhance blood circulation and in the repair of the worn out tissues.

Medical spa. It involves health care and any other cosmetic treatment. The medical approach of this spa involves dermatology treatment, laser treatment, and complementary medicine. It also provides rehab treatment Weeklong programs are conducted that help in the process of quitting smoking.

Hotel spa This is a hotel that has equipment’s of spa. This kind of spa is offered to the customers of that hotel, but their primary focus is not for the wellbeing of the customers but entertainment purpose. The services offered in this kind of spa include horse riding, tennis, and golf.

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