Laser as Carbon Dioxide or Fiber and Why Both are a Total Blast to Work With

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The common argument in the world of lasers is the superiority of CO2 over fiber. The truth is that whatever laser it is, it is going to be rather spectacular. The fact that lasers are used in the dental industry and the auto manufacturing industry is pretty telling. There are even lasers in just about every household.

Fun with Mirrors and Lasers

When it comes to cutting metals, the debate is still ongoing. The argument here is that both types are fantastic and useful in certain scenarios. The heart of the matter is that fiber laser technology is a lot easier to maintain and work with.

The most obvious reason is the lack of unnecessary mirrors and lenses. The system is refined and rather simple. It can cut any metal material, even ones with high reflective properties. These reflections would typically damage a CO2 laser if it is not used properly because of the volume of lenses and mirrors used.

Can Fiber Manage Thick Layers?

Another argument here is that fiber can’t cut through thicker objects very well and it fails at anything beyond a few millimeters. It isn’t true in most instances, especially if the thinness is fine enough.

Fiber lasers and CO2 lasers are about equal in performance when the thickness of the metal is less than 8mm. From there, it can be true that CO2 is a bit better. This may be the only place where CO2 has a clear edge.

Purists may prefer CO2 because of the slightly higher working properties and the fact that it is more expensive, comparatively, to most fiber technologies. But, the advantages are subtle and perhaps self-created by industry purists. Both are excellent. Both cut with efficiency and make for fine final products. If one does it faster but with more headaches, it equals out.

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